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Wairarapa’s sustainable veggie growing

milk bottles that have been cut in half and repurposed as planters are attached to a fence.

Published: April 22, 2024

As part of their sustainability and wellbeing initiatives, our Pathways Wairarapa team has set up a ‘Veggie Growing Group’.

To help people engage in affordable ways to grow vegetables while reusing and repurposing items that usually become waste, Fiona (Pathways support worker) created this ‘Milk Bottle Garden’.

Three-litre milk bottles were collected, repurposed, and then planted with a mix of seedlings and seeds. For anyone wanting to try this at home, some of Fiona’s tips are:

  • Hang the repurposed bottles on the fence empty then fill with dirt and plants
  • The soil dries out quickly so make sure you water it often
  • We’ve found them great for growing lettuce, herbs, spring onions and radishes

We would love to see the ways you have repurposed items or hear about the ways you are being sustainable. Send your photos and stories to


– This story was first featured in Harikoa magazine (issue 1, 2024). 


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