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Making a difference

We’re committed to making a positive, lasting impact on the lives of whānau and on the wellbeing of our communities. Making a difference is important to us and what we do. We use evidence-based outcome measures to understand this impact and we celebrate these through the sharing of stories.

Over the last 12 months


We've supported {{ total_supported }} people across all our services

We have {{ total_services }} services across Aotearoa


Over the last 12 months, across all of our services, we’ve had {{total_number_of_contacts}} face to face and phone contacts with the {{ total_supported }} tāngata whai ora and taiohi we’ve supported.

How we supported them

Mobile Support


were supported in their own homes by our mobile services

Wellbeing Respite


were supported at one of our acute service homes

Housing Recovery


lived in one of our 27 community based homes

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Where we
supported them

We’re now in 13 regions across Aotearoa and continue to develop our services to meet the needs of our communities.

Our stories

These are some of the stories of the people who use our services. The stories are about journeys, experiences and challenges. They’re about strength, motivation and inspiration.

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We believe what we do now can have a life long impact. Through our diverse range of services Real supports young people, aged 12-24, to live full, hopeful and connected lives.

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Age of taiohi we support

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Join Pathways and become part of a passionate team supporting tāngata whai ora and taiohi to live full lives. Our Pathways’ whānau are valued, have purpose in their roles and opportunities to grow.

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