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Te Moana-A-Toi | Bay of Plenty

Shining star Shannon

A beaming Shannon stands with her Pathways support workers.

Published: April 12, 2024

Starting a journey to recovery can seem overwhelming and daunting. But with the right support network, encouragement and some patience, it can be transformative.

When beginning her journey of recovery and wellbeing through detox and rehabilitation, Shannon came to Tauranga Wairua, Adult Respite.

Throughout her stay Shannon displayed attributes of maia (courage), manako (hope) and aroha (love).

She was courageous to be vulnerable and always loving and hopeful despite her challenges. Her infectious smile lit up the whare.

We’re so proud of Shannon and all the hard mahi she has put into her recovery. She has proved that small steps each day can amount to big changes.

Shannon is an inspiration to us all!


– This story was first featured in Harikoa magazine (issue 1, 2024). 

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