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Employment works

Vili and Clendon buying safety gear.

Published: November 8, 2023

By working together, we achieved an amazing outcome.

Two tāngata whai ora, Vili and Clendon, exited Tiaho Mai at the end of 2022. Pathways’ support worker Sue supported them to move into a shared house and they got to know each other well as flatmates.

Vili had worked in the past and expressed interest in returning to work. Clendon had not worked before and was inspired by Vili to try working part-time to start off with.

Sue and Workwise employment consultant, Saleshni, coached and supported the men to complete the paperwork for a recruitment agency, which sent the documents to their prospective employer. During the process, both men took full ownership of their future and asked questions to be fully informed.

They passed their site health and safety certificate with flying colours. During the interview, the recruitment agency commented on their enthusiasm for the job.

Sue liaised with the men’s clinicians to come to their workplace and support them with medication on their breaks while they settled into their new job. This meant they could focus on their work and not worry about leaving the site to access medication support.

Sue and Saleshni also supported the men with getting funds from Work and Income so they could buy new safety boots and hi-vis gear.

Vili and Clendon are building their sense of purpose, have something to wake up for each day, and more financial freedom. Although it has taken time, it is well worth it – we know employment works.

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