Rights and privacy

Your rights

… as someone who uses our services

As someone accessing mental health and wellbeing services, your rights are covered under the Health and Disability Consumer Code of Rights.

In summary you have the right to:

  • always be treated with respect, dignity, honesty, skill and care
  • receive full information about health and support services that are available to you
  • receive support that lets you live well in the communities of your choice
  • choose who you’d like to be involved in your recovery journey.

You have the right to receive services that meet agreed standards and you have the right to make a complaint.

… as family/whānau of someone who uses our services

As a person who supports someone with a mental illness, you have the right to be heard, respected and to access information and support.

If you are supporting a family member, you also have the right to be included in the planning, delivery and review of services provided to them, as long as they agree.

Concerns, compliments, questions or complaints

If you have concerns, compliments, questions or complaints, we want to hear from you. 

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