Information for family and whānau

We value the important role that family, whānau and friends play in people’s recovery journeys

Family, whānau and friends matter

Family, whānau and friends can provide the much-needed hope, love and support that a person needs to recover from mental illness and to grow from their experience.

Because of this we encourage the people we support to involve family, whānau and friends in their recovery and care. However, we acknowledge and fully respect that it is each person’s right to choose who is involved in their care and how.

Support for family, whānau and friends

It can be distressing when someone close to you is experiencing mental illness. If you are a family member or friend of someone we are supporting, it’s likely that you will have lots of questions. We’ll do our best to provide you with all the information and resources that you need, so you can best support your loved one.

Download our Getting Involved brochure for more information for family/whānau and friends.

Other places you can get support

There are also other organisations out there that can provide additional support that we can help you get in touch with.

Supporting Families

Supporting Families was set up more than 30 years ago to provide support to families affected by mental illness. It now has more than 20 branches around New Zealand.

For more information you can visit their website:

‘Connections’ family whānau newsletters

One way we keep family, whānau and friends of the people we support updated is through our quarterly newsletters.

Read our latest Connections newsletters here:

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Pathways’ cookbook – Wholesome

Wholesome, our Pathways cookbook, is a resource for the people we support which helps give them the knowledge, skills and inspiration to create meals that nourish them and support their wellbeing.

Download a copy of Wholesome

Pathways Cookbook - Wholesome