Employment, housing and other support

For someone with mental illness, having a home and a job if they want to work, are important parts of their recovery.

We work closely with other organisations in the Wise Group and beyond if people need help finding a home, a job or further support.

Employment support

Having a paid job is often a key part of getting and staying well. The sense of accomplishment that doing a job you enjoy provides, can make people feel more positive and reduce the symptoms of mental illness. Having a job also helps you pay the bills and gives you more options to enjoy life.

Pathways works closely with Workwise employment agency if people need support to find or keep a job that’s right for them.


Housing support and connecting with other services

Having a safe, healthy and affordable home is important to us all. As well as keeping us safe from the elements, our home provides us with a sense of belonging and stability, both of which are important in recovering from mental illness.

It’s also important that people are connected with other services they need to feel fully supported in their recovery.

Pathways works closely with LinkPeople to help people access safe, healthy, affordable homes and practical housing support. Linkpeople also supports Pathways to connect people with other support services they may need.