Trish Glen Award

Pathways' annual Trish Glen Award honours the memory of Trish Glen, a dedicated and passionate Pathways support worker who tragically died of cancer in 2005. Those who knew Trish speak of her unique contribution, her commitment, her sense of team, her encouragement of others and her personal courage.

Every year, through our Trish Glen Award, we recognise staff throughout the country who make an exceptional contribution to Pathways and the people we support, and who clearly embody the values of Pathways.




Our 2018/19 Trish Glen Award winners

In 2018 our Trish Glen Award recipients were Linda Christianson (Northern region), Toni Hohneck (Midland region), Emile Pacifique (Central region) and Constance Mukono (Southern region)

  • Linda Christianson (Northern)
  • Toni Hohneck (Midland)
  • Emile Pacifique (Central)
  • Constance Mukono (Southern)

Linda Christianson (Northern)

Linda, a support worker from Auckland, was nominated by her colleagues for the amazing work she does in supporting people with their wellbeing. This is the second time that Linda, who has been with Pathways since 2012, has been nominated for this award.

Linda is passionate about nutrition and ‘Gut Health’ and shares all she knows with the people she supports and her fellow team members. She makes amazing food and drinks for the team as well! 

Amongst all the other amazing work Linda does, some of the stand out activities are the sports exercise group and a mindfulness yoga session with people every week. 

Linda cares very deeply for people’s wellbeing and her passion for what she believes in is truly inspiring to her fellow colleagues.

Toni Hohneck (Midland)

Toni, a youth worker from Real in Rotorua, is incredibly thoughtful both on a personal and a professional level. Toni is positive, fun, energetic and young at heart. She will always pitch in, regardless. 

Toni is always caring, supportive, encouraging and nurturing with the young people she supports. She engages with them creatively making resources tailored to the personality and needs of each young person. 

She has a way about her that makes people feel comfortable and at ease. Toni is a spiritual person who can support those around her, and her spirituality ensures she keeps herself happy and balanced. 

Toni began her work as an intern while working on becoming registered as a counsellor. She quickly became an integral and valuable member of the team and we are thrilled to now have her as a full-time member of the team. She has a passion for narrative therapy which works well with our trauma-informed approach.  

Emile Pacifique (Central)

Emile, a support worker from Wellington, works with compassion, integrity and a deep sense of care for all the people he supports. His belief in people is unending and his ability to develop meaningful connections that enable people to safely explore new possibilities is inspiring.

Emile is a life-long learner who always steps up to new challenges and above all deeply cares about others before himself.

Emile’s own story is an incredible journey that took him and his family from Rwanda to New Zealand, via several countries. His story is one of courage and of grace.

Since arriving in New Zealand he not only found employment that is focused on working with and empowering people. He is a leader in building community and in particular the Rwandan community in Lower Hutt and Wellington. Those that know him say that for Emile it is all about community and restoring family – it is his vocation – it is his way of life.

Constance Mukono (Southern)

Constance was nominated by her team because they value the support she gives the people we support and the team during the night. 

She has a positive energy and spreads that through the site when working. Her team considered her a bright star who always has a big smile and a kind word to all who need her support at night. 

Constance’s challenging hours never impact on her ability to provide support and kindness to the people we support. She does not hesitate to support other teams on different sites. 

Born in Zimbabwe, she moved to New Zealand with her family, joining Pathways in 2016.