Trish Glen Award

Pathways' annual Trish Glen Award honours the memory of Trish Glen, a dedicated and passionate Pathways support worker who tragically died of cancer in 2005. Those who knew Trish speak of her unique contribution, her commitment, her sense of team, her encouragement of others and her personal courage.

Every year, through our Trish Glen Award, we recognise staff throughout the country who make an exceptional contribution to Pathways and the people we support, and who clearly embody the values of Pathways.




Our 2017/18 Trish Glen Award winners

In 2018 our Trish Glen Award recipients were Sarah Hewitt (Northern region), Jono Gore (Midland region), Jeremy Brockman (Central region) and Achilleus Salgado (Southern region)

  • Sarah Hewitt (Northern)
  • Jono Gore (Midland)
  • Jeremy Brockman (Central)
  • Achilleus Salgado (Southern)

Sarah Hewitt (Northern)

Sarah has been team coach for Hamlin Road Farm for the last five years. Although she originally trained as a nurse, Sarah’s heart and passion has always been for being outside. She just loves it on the farm, which shows with the amazing service she has created.

Sarah has built up the farm into a fantastic training platform for people to be able to gain NZQA qualifications in horticulture and worked hard to bring the farm up to a certified organic status.

Alongside her dedicated team of trainees and farm workers, Sarah’s passion has even drawn in her fantastic family volunteer team who can often be seen helping out on the farm. It really is a family business for Sarah!

With many opportunities for growth Sarah never sits still. Her and her team recently submitted a sustainability focused collaborative design project to the Auckland flower show, which received a number of awards.

Hamlin Road Farm operates a certified organic produce business. It also has a strong focus on recovery and sustainability, providing NZQA training level 2/3 in horticulture, lawn maintenance and mental health support services.

Jono Gore (Midland)

Jono has been a support worker in Thames for almost 5 years. Jono brings a vibrant energy to the workplace. He puts his heart and soul into his work, which shows with the milestones he reaches with the people he supports.

Jono practices Pathways’ “Whatever it takes” philosophy and connects well with people from all walks of life. He has a kind and gentle manner and is very supportive of his colleagues.

Jono places an emphasis on communication with families. He has developed a proactive, thoughtful and mindful approach to communicating with whānau.

Alongside his full time-work as a support worker, Jono is also studying psychology and is a volunteer fireman in his local community.

Jono is very connected to nature and enjoys going on bush walks and often supports people on these walks throughout Hauraki Region. He is more often than not the first to put up his hand and doesn’t shy away from hard work.

Jeremy Brockman (Central)

Jeremy joined Pathways Whanganui as a casual support worker in 2015 with a Degree and Post Graduate Certificate in social practice. In April 2016, after support from Pathways to gain his social work registration, Jeremy moved into a full time Registered Health Professional (RHP) position with the enhanced mobile service (EMS).

Jeremy’s team describe him as compassionate, empathetic and considerate. These attributes are consistently reflected in his interactions with his colleagues and the people we support.

Jeremy is a whatever it takes kind of person who goes above and beyond what is required. Recently when one of the people he was supporting became unwell, he did her paper round for her so she wouldn’t lose her job. He has an incredibly positive attitude. He is an avid supporter of Pathways and the work that we do and he really lives the attributes and beliefs of Pathways.

He’s also hard working, flexible and adaptable and nothing is too much trouble. 

Achilleus Salgado (Southern)

Achilleus (AJ) Salgado has been part of Pathways since joining in 2014 as a night shift support worker at our crisis respite house. In 2016, AJ moved to the mobile respite service and worked in a specific role alongside our clinical partners.

AJ is such a calming presence, both in the office and with the people we support. He has even been likened to Buddha (feedback from a person we support)!

AJ is a real family man and is very motivated to work hard and do his family proud. 

AJ was nominated by a colleague from a different team because he is the definition of a team player and going above and beyond. He always offers to help others if they are running short. He always waits for all the female staff to get to their cars before he leaves, to make sure they are safe at night. He is always friendly and fun to be around, has a good sense of humour, and is a good colleague to have.