Recovery journeys

At Pathways we work alongside people experiencing mental illness on their journey towards recovery.

These are the stories of some of the people who use our services. The stories are about journeys, experiences and challenges. They're about strength, motivation and inspiration.

Sometimes, people wish to use their own names on their stories. Sometimes, people prefer to share their experiences using a pseudonym to protect their privacy. Names that have been changed are indicated in the story with an asterisk* - but everything else about these stories is real.

Thank you to everyone here who has so courageously shared their story. You inspire us all.

Small steps lead to big leaps

Melanie’s journey has involved learning to understand her illness so she could help keep herself well and succeed in life in every way she could.

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Feeling connected again

Peter's journey has seen him start setting and achieving goals and reconnecting with his family.

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Paying it forward

Liz’s* story is one of pain – and of beauty, kindness and understanding. Now, she hopes to “pay it forward” and help others find their strength and dignity as they journey towards recovery.

Read Liz's story

Turning back to my life

Glen’s* recovery has gone from strength to strength with the support of Pathways’ social worker Seyed. Read how Glen has improved his health and wellbeing – and why he feels like a new person.

Read Glen's* story