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Pathways provides community-based mental health, addiction and wellbeing services throughout New Zealand

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Pathways is passionate about individual outcomes – about people having their needs met in their community of choice. We put people first, and think outside the square to develop new community-based solutions.

Pathways provides a range of support services around practical daily living, leading a healthy life, employment and housing.

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Mobile support

Regular support that comes to you


Wellbeing respite

Short-term support when you need it most

Residential recovery

A stepping stone to living independently

Wellbeing programmes

Developing skills to manage wellbeing

Addiction support

Supporting people around addiction and recovery

Real - youth services

Wellness services for young people

Employment and housing

Help to find a home, a job and other supports

Transitional employment

A stepping stone to employment

What’s important

We are proud of the many things that make us uniquely Pathways.  

Every day in everything we do, we are guided by some important values and beliefs in our approach to supporting people.

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It all started with one simple goal

A family share their joy at seeing their son grow in confidence. It all started with one simple goal – to learn how to catch a bus.

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Feeling connected again

Peter’s journey has seen him start setting and achieving goals and reconnecting with his family.

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Turning back to my life

Glen’s* recovery has gone from strength to strength with the support of Pathways’ social worker Seyed. Read how Glen has improved his health and wellbeing – and why he feels like a new person.

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Paying it forward

Liz’s* story is one of pain – and of beauty, kindness and understanding. Now, she hopes to “pay it forward” and help others find their strength and dignity as they journey towards recovery.

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My journey of hope

Carol’s story takes her from a place of feeling like she had no meaning in her life to feelings of hope, opportunity and gratitude.   

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Small steps lead to big leaps

Melanie’s journey has involved learning to understand her illness so she could help keep herself well and succeed in life in every way she could.

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