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Everyone has different needs and people’s needs change over time, so our services are designed to be personalised, flexible and responsive.

Pathways provides a range of community-based services to support people to shape their own future and achieve their goals and dreams. Most of our services are accessed via a referral from a community mental health team at your local District Health Board.

Not all services are available in all areas. Please contact your local Pathways office to find out what services are available in your region.

Mobile support

For people who are living independently, but need regular support to flourish, we can bring the support to them.

Our mobile wellbeing support services provide regular support to people in their home, or somewhere else in the community if they prefer.

Learn more about our mobile support service

Wellbeing respite

Sometimes people just need some time out for a while to get back on their feet.

Our wellbeing respites provide a short term home and support where people can rest and focus completely on their wellbeing.

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Residential recovery

Residential based recovery provides a home, ongoing support and a stepping stone to living independently.

Our residential based recovery services provide homes in the community, with staff onsite to give support during the day and night, in whatever ways people need it.

Learn more about our residential recovery service

Addiction and recovery services

Recovery from substance dependence can be a long process that requires commitment, motivation and lots of support.

Pathways offers a variety of addiction and recovery services in the wider Wairarapa region.

Learn more about our addiction and recovery service

Wellbeing programmes

Our wellbeing programmes are based around activities and learning.

They provide people with opportunities to learn skills to help them manage their own wellbeing.  

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Real – Youth services

Real, is the youth brand of Pathways.

real is about helping young people feel great about their futures by supporting them to build life skills, resilience and strong connections with their whānau, friends and communities.

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For someone with mental illness, having a home and a job if they want to work, are important parts of their recovery.

Employment and housing

Hamlin Road Organic Farm supports people to gain work experience, earn money, learn skills, gain qualifications and build confidence.

Hamlin Road Organic Farm

Women’s wellness is a Hamilton-based support service run by women, for women.

Helping Women

We’re committed to being role-models and supporting everyone connected with the mental health and addictions sector to be smokefree.

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